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QLD Solar Policy Debate Escalates

The Queensland government has waged an active campaign to unfairly target solar users in that state.Over the past few weeks it has ratcheted up its rhetoric further still.Yesterday on the ABC Brisbane morning show I was able to respond directly to some of the claims made by the Energy Minister in that State.

You can listen to the Ministers comments and my responsehere.

Minister McArdle says that there needs to be a “conversation about how to fix the system”.

Australian Solar Council is ready to actively engage in conversation, and provide expert advice on fair and sustainable solar policy.

Yesterday the Minister said the Queensland government will be releasing a solar related paper in 2 weeks.

It is important that we actively participate in that process, rather than allow it to be a fait accompli.

Without change Queensland is headed for a 0c kWh FiT from 1 July 2014.

Either way the Australian Solar Council will be fighting for:

· A fair price for exported residential solar energy – that reflects all of the benefits of solar energy and the retail price when it is resold on the market

· The introduction of a fair price for exported energy from commercial/industrial PV systems

You can help.

Write to outline your concerns to:

Minister McArdle –

Shadow Minister Curtis Pitt –

(With a CC copy to me –

Not yet a member? Join us here.

Warm Regards,

John Grimes
Chief Executive
Australian Solar Council

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