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Why is the maximum temperature at the taps lower than before?

It is a legal requirement that every new solar hot water installation include a tempering valve. The tempering valve mixes cold water with hot water to prevent scalding. If your water is cold to touch, there could be an issue with your booster, in which case, please contact He Jia.

Why is the valve at the top of my tank constantly leaking?

The valve at the top of the storage tank is called a ‘Pressure and Temperature Relief Valve’ (PTRV). It is normal for the PTRV to drip water as the system heats to compensate for expansion and contraction of the water in the tank.

Why is there not enough hot water?

Your booster should ensure that you have plenty of hot water even during periods with little or no sunshine. If you are constantly running out of hot water, calculate how much hot water you are using and contact He Jia for advice. (Remember a 10-minute shower with a 9 ltr/minute showerhead uses approximately 90 Litres of water.)

Why is the pump running at night?

If your pump is running on a cold winter’s night, the controller has likely entered frost-protection mode. This is normal. If the pump is running on a warm night, there quite possibly could be an issue with a valve or sensor, in which case, please contact He Jia for advice.

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