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Manufacturing Facility
He Jia owns and manages its own production plant; it is NOT an OEM product.
The plant is based in Changzhou, China, where He Jia Solar Energy Co., Founder, CEO are based.

He Jia is regularly audited by European, Australian and local authorities to ensure adherence with product standards, labour laws, safety regulations and environmental requirements. We have obtained Australian Standards (AS2712:2002), SRCC (USA) and Solarkeymark (EU) certifications. Our factory is also certified to ISO9001:2008 management and production standards.

Quality Control
All He Jia products are produced with a strong emphasis on quality, simplistic design and ease of installation. With a number of patent pending designs, He Jia invests strongly in the continual R&D of new products.

We also pride ourselves on running a tight ship, and that means good labour conditions for the employees. He Jia factory workers obtain all the entitlements outlined by the local labour laws and more, and are paid well above the average wage.

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ADDRESS: No.16, Changjiao RD, Dongqing Town, Changzhou City, Jiangsu, China
TEL: +86-519-88967878
FAX: +86-519-88967868
WhatsApp: 86 138 1506 1009
skype: huiqiu4058